Sunday, March 29, 2009

I really LOVE Music

So, recently, I've been adding and organizing music on my computer (thanks to Jana's MP3 player and network sharing) and I'm reminded how much I LOVE music! Of course I love to sing, karaoke, and blare the radio and such, but going through some of my old and new favorites on my computer makes me remember how much recorded music has affected my life! I used to get new cds and listen to them and take out the booklet and read the lyrics and REALLY experience the music. I loved it! I actually did that recently for the first time in forever. The source of this devotion: Brandi Carlile's The Story album. I LOVE this whole cd. I heard The Story on a GMC commercial during the Olympics and eventually looked it up and bought the cd... and played the cd... and then the obsession began. It's awesome. I love it. You should buy it too. ha ha. jk. But really though... it'd be money well spent!
I used to go through phases when I would just have one cd in my cd player for like a month or two at a time and when I listen to those cds now, they're SO nostolgic! I know them like the back of my hand because I listened to them so much. A few cds I played endlessly were the I am Sam soundtrack, the Def Leppard Vault album, Green Day Nimrod cd, the Beatles white album, the Creed Weathered cd, Monster Ballads, The Weezer blue album, The 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack, a ton of the Now cds, and SEVERAL others. I used to/still love making mix cds too! I have so many random mixes in my cd case right now, it's not even funny. Good times... Lately I've been really into music that's kind of simple with a really talented vocalist and acoustic guitar, maybe some piano, and not a ton more... okay, probably drums too, but you get what I mean- really chill and simple, yet amazing music. I can't get enough of that stuff. Anyways, I'm taking rambling to a whole new level with this post, I just wanted to vocalize my recent re-recognition of my love of music. If anyone has any bands/singers I need to check out, please let me know!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Slacker!

Hey Guys. I'm officially a Blog Slacker!

Blog Slacker [blŏg slak-er] (n.): 1. One who slacks off on their blog; 2. Rachel Brown.

I have to write a blog today before its a whole month since I've blogged. So just an update...I'm still alive... going to school... looking forward to May 9th... and having fun (probably too much in fact!)

I'll hopefully write a more interesting post soon! Loves.