Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uh oh...

The obsession continues...

Monday, May 18, 2009


On May 9th, I graduated college!!! Woo! I got my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. It has felt like such a long journey, especially these last couple semesters, and I'm happy that I have finally reached the end of it. Graduation day was a LOT of fun! In the morning, mom, Laura, and Jana gave me some cards and flowers that were really funny and sweet. Jana's card said CONGRADUATION! It was a Really funny one, so was the one Laura gave me that had money in it and said "Ka-ching!" They both were those talking Hallmark Hoops and Yoyo cards-Both were super funny. We went to Olive Garden for lunch, my whole family that lives here as well as Jana, Dad, Laura, and Dalton who came from Utah to see me graduate. Thanks for that mom, it was a lot of fun to have all of us there, celebrating! I really appreciated it. The ceremony was pretty boring but I did get a little emotional when we were walking in, thinking of how I really was finished! I actually dropped my name card when I was walking down and they won't call your name without it, so I picked it up really fast and looked like a dork! Mom caught it all on video! I sat next to my friend Ashley who graduated as well so that was fun. We giggled together a bit when John, our student speaker, had his tassel blown into his mouth several times while he was speaking and also shared a little smiley moment when it was our turn to get our diplomas. It was awesome to walk across that stage and get my fake diploma and shake hands with (or hug) some of my favorite professors. I suppose it was good to see the not-favorite ones as well. :) Anyways, after the ceremony, we took a ton of pictures and headed over to Ashley's house for a combined party. Her parents went all out and made a really nice party. A bunch of our favorite people were there and it was just really great to celebrate with my friends. It ended up being a really well-rounded day, where I got to celebrate with my family, friends, and fellow students. It was awesome! Here are some of the pictures I took that day:

Before Graduation- Me trying to look smart! Lol.

Jana and I before Graduation

Ashley and I in the sea of graduates. They look pretty bored, but we were EXCITED! :)

Right after I got my fake diploma! YAY!

Ashley and I- Finally done! Woo! :)

Anna, Ashley, Myself, and Jana after Graduation

Sisters and Mom after Graduation

The whole Graduation clan- Thanks for coming, everyone! It meant a lot to me!

The BEAUTIFUL flowers I got- Laura arranged them from bouquets I got from Jana and Mom! SO pretty!

Me and my flowers

I LOVED my flowers! Can you tell?! :)

Ma and Pa and I after Graduation!

Ashley and I at the After-party!

All of my favorite ladies at the After-party! L to R: Jana, Anna, Myself, Ashley, Ashlee, and Trina- Love you girls!

So, now my life as a student has come to an end. I have one more class to finish in the summer to make it official and then I'll get my not-fake diploma :) Freshman year seems like SO long ago, and yet it was really just a blink of time from there until now! Jana asked me on Graduation day if it felt weird that I had spent as much time in college as I did in high school and it does feel weird! I have learned so much from my experiences in school and I owe SO much to my parents and family for helping me through it all. If it were up to me, they would all get honorary diplomas for how much they've done to help me finish. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND APPRECIATE ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!

So... I couldn't decide whether to put these two pictures in my post, but I just can't help myself- they're too funny! For your viewing pleasure, the outtakes:

HA HA. Ashley's tassel in her mouth. This picture is priceless.

ha ha. Maybe you had to be there to REALLY know how funny this was, but I think the picture does it justice pretty well... Jana told mom and dad to kiss me on the cheek for a picture- Dad was making me laugh and mom was saying "My nose touches her glasses" and it was just REALLY funny. You can see in the picture how funny I thought it was.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching Up

So, since I've been so very distracted with school this semester and it is now completed, I thought I should probably update my blog! I haven't had TOO much going on, but there has been some fun stuff in the past six months to document. I really haven't updated about my life since New Years, so here goes... Around New Years, my sisters had babies so I now have a new niece and nephew! They are SO CUTE! Below are some pictures right after they were born. I was lucky enough to spend some of January in Utah before school started so I got to hold them a lot :D It was great.

In February, mom and I stayed in Utah for a week to catch both of the baby blessings. It was a lot of fun and they looked adorable in their blessing outfits! They're so cute! It was a fun week.

Some of us also got a chance to karaoke while we were there that week! Below is a picture of me, Jana, Holly, Arin, and Holly's friend Elizabeth. It's always a good time when we go there- you Utah people should check it out! Click here for more info!

In March, I threw my friend Anna a birthday party. She had a lot of her friends there, Trina and Ashlee pictured below, and we did karaoke, had some tasty food, and had a good time. Taryn and I had a little bit of fun decorating for it, stringing streamers across the room and on the windows and doors. I should probably say that Taryn executed it and I merely handed her tape, just so I'm not getting undue credit. I did hang the Happy Birthday sign on the window all by myself though! :)

Also in March, Jana came here for a week for my Spring Break and birthday! It was SO much fun to have her here again and we did some fun stuff for my birthday. It's was really hard to part when she left that time! I think both of us are ready to live in the same state again! I didn't take any pictures while she was here! I was kind of a slacker! Owell... there will be plenty of time to take pictures when we live together!

Easter weekend, we had the WHOLE family here! It was so much fun! We even got the chance to see Erica, Don, Brooklyn, and Ava Stepro. It was a lot of fun to have everyone here and have a big Easter egg hunt in the three main rooms of the house. The babies were of course SO CUTE (Are you seeing a theme to this post?! ha ha ha)! These pictures are of them in their Easter-y outfits. They're adorable!

So, Those are some of the big events from the last six months! Sorry there aren't many details- that's the downside to blogging months after something happens. I've mostly been working on my last semester of school and hanging out with friends. I graduated on May 9th! I'll post some pictures of that in a later post! Now I'm just packing and spending time with my friends for the last week I have left in Henderson! In less than a week, I'm moving to Utah and will be starting my job search. I'm excited to get there and get established. Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and all is well with you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I'm sorry to everyone out there who thinks that THEY have the best mom out there- 7 of you could be right- but sorry, my mom is the best! She's the most unselfish, thoughtful person and she would do ANYTHING for her family and for anyone else who needs it. She has spent her life taking care of her kids and working for her family. I love her TONS and am SO GRATEFUL to have such a fantastic mother! Happy Mother's Day!