Monday, October 1, 2012

End of an Era

This blog has become much like my journal entries in years past. I made a habit of writing every now and again in a journal and telling myself (in writing, within the journal) that I SWEAR I'll write more this time than the last time I tried journaling. Sometimes this would last for a minute, but ultimately, the few entries would sit on their own in a notebook on my bedside table collecting dust until something amazing happened that I HAD to document or the yearly "I really want to start documenting my life more" journal entry. I've recently experienced some exciting life changes and moved into a different point in my life... matrimony. It's been more amazing than I ever thought life could be. I think that a good way to start documenting my new life would be through a new blog. I'll always cherish this blog and the time in my life that it represents- college, friends, family- but I'm excited to start fresh with new expieriences. You can still expect to find some rambling. I find that my life is more accurately depicted through this form of expression. Take care and I'll make sure to post my new blog address when I create it.