Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life is Good

So for those of you who don't know, Jana has officially moved to Utah! I've lost my partner in crime in Las Vegas! What am I going to do now?! I suppose I'll probably just finish school and then join her when I graduate in a year, unless something else keeps me in Vegas.

Anyways, I came with her to Utah this past weekend and was dreading saying goodbye to her on Sunday... so I decided to stay a bit longer instead! We had a fun trip to Utah. With Jana's belongings all packed up, we belted out Rascal Flatts (even though I was really sick! It probably sounded horrible, but we didn't care) and also some old school rap (you gotta love Baby Got Back) That was enough to entertain us until we got to our destination. It was fun.

So since I'm staying in Utah for a bit, my life lately consists of hanging at Steve's house trying to do schoolwork but I'm just barely coming out of my "I'm sick and can't do anything" phase so it's been more difficult than I'd thought! I rejoice that I only have 2 weeks left of this semester though and am having fun with my fam here in Utah! Life is good... Life is good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

March Madness!

In the past couple months I've had some really fun things going on that I thought I would share.

Some friends and I checked out the Toby Keith Bar in February.

We also went on a road trip to Monroe, Utah to welcome my friend, Natalie, back home from her mission.

But March is when things got really crazy...

I cut off like a foot of my hair!

Me and my ponytail! ha ha

School got really difficult because a bunch of my teachers wanted to pack in a lot before Spring Break, so after I survived all of that craziness, I spent my Spring Break relaxing in Utah! I got to spend a lot of time learning about my grandpa's life and hanging out with my siblings and neices and nephews in Utah. While I was there, I took some "make a silly face" pictures of my neices and nephews and was highly entertained by what they came up with! Can you guess who took the prize in this activity?! Yep... it was Lydia!

On March 23rd, I turned 21 (Woooo! 21! ha ha ha) and the day before, my friends and family got together to surprise me with a party that was so much fun! It included all of my favorite things- friends, family, and karaoke! And you can't have a 21st birthday party without a Disney Princesses pinata, right? Ü Thanks to everybody that made it the awesome surprise party that it was!

That weekend also brought a bunch of family together for Easter, which was a lot of fun as well. We had an easter egg hunt in the backyard for the little kids and because Jana and I are still the "little girls" we got to find easter bags out there too. We were warned that Randall and Ben hid ours in difficult places and went out to find them. As I walked out the back door, my easter bag fell onto the patio (sorry, Randall... It was a good idea to hide my bag on the roof, but the wind made it pretty easy for me to find. Ü) It took a little cooperation to get Jana's down from the wall, but she was able to knock it down with a rake as I caught it. Because gravity and the weather were on our side, it may have even been easier for both of us to retrieve our bags than for the boys to hide them in the first place! Ü

Overall, it was a super fun Easter and we really loved having family from Utah here to share it with us..

March gave me the chance to practice my new hobby of making random (and quite ghetto, if I do say so myself) cakes also. I made birthday cakes for Anna, Lydia, and Taryn. It was fun.

That pretty much sums up my March Madness! Thanks for all the fun experiences, everyone Ü

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ode to the Youngins...

I thought of a way to get a lot cuter pictures up on my blog than of me sleeping! Here goes:

Let it be noted that I have the coolest and cutest nieces and nephews ever. They are all so dang funny and smart and I love them all to pieces! There are 18 of them in all and each one of them is so different.

To start with Cari’s clan: Steve, 15, Derek, 13, and Madeleine, 12, my three step-niece and nephews, are all really loving and helpful with the kids, not to mention how fun they are to play games with!

Meghan, 7 ½, is SO smart and has always been a care-taker for her siblings and cousins.

Ryan,6, is rambunctious yet tender-hearted.

RaeLeigh, 5, just loves everyone and loves having new experiences.

Olivia, 3, is up for anything, despite the harm it may cause her.

Mallory, 1, is so sweet and cute and loves exploring.

Laura’s son Dalton, 5 ½, is really smart and has interests in many areas, like video games and extreme sports. He gets along with everyone and is very outgoing.

Tara’s oldest son, Jayden, 2 ½, is zany and adorable and loves his family.

Ethan, 1, is the sweetest thing that ever lived! One look from him will make your heart melt... especially if it’s his sad face!

My brother Steve’s son Kaleb, 2, was born with a sense of humor and is always making us laugh! He is always doing something fun and takes some amazing pictures!

Candice has three little cuties: Carter, 5, makes everything an adventure and loves learning and doing new things, especially if these new things are for “big boys.”

Lydia, 3, is sweet and kind and loves cuddling up to her aunts, uncles, and grandparents to tell a story or sing a song.

Meleah, almost 1, isn’t very amused by us, as her facial expressions show, but she’ll smile, scream, and laugh on her own terms.

Ben’s kids share a love of Disney that their mother infused in them. Stryder, 4 ½, is a very adventurous pretender and is always enthusiastically acting like some superhero or character.

Shelby, 3, is a princess in every sense of the word and is always happy. She’s been known to get after us adults if we say the word “stupid”… she’ll let us know that “that’s a bad word!”

Soren, 2, is so loving and happy. He is always giving hugs and loves to run around with the big kids.

As you can see, I’m so blessed! These bright little angels light up my life in so many ways! They teach me things and make me laugh and are far more forgiving than adults. I hope I get kids someday that are as cute and fun as my awesome nieces and nephews!

Friday, April 11, 2008

This Should Be Fun...

So blogging seems to be the new cool thing lately... After my sister Candice made an adorable blog filled with fun little things about her kids, I started to think about making one of my own! I emailed Candice, telling her how cute hers was and gave her a little description of what my blog would be like. I told her it would be really boring because I don't have kids, am an unemployed student, and am pretty antisocial. The example blog that I gave went something like this:

"I slept in a bit (insert picture of me sleeping) and then did hours of schoolwork on the computer(insert picture of me sleeping at the computer).

Then I watched an episode of The Office that I recorded lastnight. After a couple hours of browsing the Internet (insert picture of my glazed-over 'browsing the internet' face), I did a couple more hours of schoolwork and spent my Friday night reading (insert picture of me absorbed in a book)."

She insisted that I start it anyways, so here it is, boys and girls!

This Should Be Fun! Ü