Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So... as of last weekend, I'm OFFICIALLY a Utahn! Okay, I've only lived here a week and I don't have a job or car yet, but I'm officially living in Utah now.

My last couple of weeks in Nevada were bittersweet. It was awesome spending so much time with my friends but it was really hard to say goodbye to them and my family that I left behind.

My friends and I randomly hung out a lot the 2 weeks before I left and Ashley and Anna even helped me pack a couple of days. A week before I left, we checked out this karaoke bar. It was a lot of fun.

The next night, we just hung out at my friend's house and had a little going away sleepover thing with me and some of my favorite people! Unfortunately, I didn't get many good pictures that night. :) For my last night in Henderson, my friends and I went out to Olive Garden and then hung out until the wee hours of the morning. It was so sad leaving! At first I was sort of too sad to cry, like it hadn't even hit me yet and then right before I left I got SO emotional! I was totally bawling. These friends of mine are SO amazing and I'm going to miss them so much!

It will also be sad not living with Mom, Ben, Taryn, and the kids anymore. We've had some great times in the past few years and it will be weird to only see them when they or I visit. Same with Cari and Roger and their kids- It'll be weird not seeing them every Sunday, but hopefully we'll be able to visit a lot and I'll enjoy getting to know my siblings and nieces and nephews here in Utah.

Its been a crazy week and it still feels like I'm on vacation or something but I think I'll start to settle in here soon! I've already had a lot of fun with my family here. Candice has been moving this week, so a couple of days, Tara, Laura and I went over there to help pack and clean. I wasn't much help (I'm a horrible packer and was only proficient at the jobs she gave me when they involved just throwing everything in a bag) but I got to hold Kayleigh and Cameron when they cried so that their moms could get some stuff done. It was the BEST job! I love those two cute babies! Unfortunately, I took pictures of them on my phone and the adaptor to my phone's memory card got left in Vegas... maybe I'll post pictures of them later.

Friday, May 29th was Jana's birthday, so Tara helped me make Jana breakfast that morning and then we went to Mimi's that night and rented some movies to watch. It was fun! Then on Saturday, the whole family got together for Jana's b-day too. It was a fun weekend.

So, I have a little group of girls in Utah to do stuff with! Okay, okay, 2 of my 3 friends are related to me (Jana and Arin, my sister and cousin) but Chandra isn't related! She's not obligated to hang out with me but she does! Miracles do happen! ha ha jk. Maybe I'll get out there and make more new friends but I'm happy with our little group! :) We're a barrel of laughs- maybe I'll take some pictures soon, we didn't take any on Jana's birthday for some reason.

Anyways, it has been an interesting transition for me, leaving the ones I love back in Henderson and getting set up here in Utah, but I think this will be good for me. I'm currently job-searching (wish me luck!) and was able to acquire a vehicle that I need to get inspected and registered (Thanks Steve!) so hopefully my life will level out soon. I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather!


Ben and Taryn said...

Oh Rachel! I got all teary eyed reading that and totally missing you. It's been so weird not having you around. I'm glad things are going good for you in Utah and hopefully that job is just around the corner. Can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks Yay! Love ya

Candice said...

We love having you here Rachie Baby!

Ashley said...

Less than 2 weeks? Are you coming down here, Rachie?! Oh. Crap. I forgot about your reunion. DANG IT!!!!

Adam and Kilee said...

O YEY!!! come visit us!! we would love to see you!! plan something fun to do !!